publishing imprint

as previously announced in early 2014 we (myself and my daughter) are expanding into the world of book / zine publishing. 

‘I do not want to publish coffee-table books. I don’t drink coffee for one thing, although I do like tables’

there is a fine line between presenting work with a degree of stillness and space for the viewer / listener and allowing ones hand to rest rather heavily on the work.

our new press imprint will issue small photo-books, zine style. they’re meant to sit subtly into ones hands.

the first publications will feature new and archive material by Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law

jez riley french  |  dissolves

limited edition ty cd + photo book + download code
(100 copies)

the eagerly awaited document of the first series of mineral explorations, capturing the sounds of shale, iron ore, limestone, dolomite and snail shells in flux.

(download code for full album + 48 minute bonus track)

‘again, French turns our ears towards captivating worlds of sound’

‘when he gets it right, which he very often does, French has an uncanny knack of producing work that grabs us firmly by the ear and the mind...stunning images that trigger the imagination as much as the intimate sound worlds presented here’

‘leaving things as they are is often misunderstood as ‘do nothing’. There are few artists in the world, especially working with sound, who get this and JrF is one who does. Not only that but he seems able to present work that forces us to re-evaluate everything we think we know about minimalism’

‘small sound worlds perhaps, but far richer and more varied than our immediate impression tells us’

jez riley french  |  beam | charcoal

limited edition ty cd + photo-book + download code
(100 copies)

released for a month as a digital download only this 2014 release soon attracted a fair bit of attention. Now re-released as a limited ty cd accompanied by a book of JrF’s brooding photographs of woods and forests at night.

‘a release of the natural sounds of trees in various states that allows you to re-tune your ears. Worth a purchase for the long bonfire track on its own. Remarkable. The images show another fascinating side to French’s visual work’

‘you might at first assume this release is one amongst many such surveys of these kinds of sounds but look hard and you’ll find very little to compare, either in terms of content or quality’

both are available from May 10th 
priced at £8 uk | £10 rest of world

pre orders can buy both cd | book sets for £12 uk | £16 rest of world

price + postage

| forthcoming: 

Pheobe riley Law  |  desire lines
Pheobe riley Law  |  new photographic work
Jez riley French  |  adagios
Jez riley French  |  iceland
Jez riley French  |  suketchi

Jez riley French  |  audible silence (weaves)


ordering - please read carefully

UPDATE and Further update (30th March)
on march 11th I was involved in a car accident. Someone crashed, at speed, into the back of my car, writing it off. Although we walked away from the crash without major injuries I do have some whiplash aches and pains + sustained an injury to my hand. This plus now having to spend time sorting out all the paperwork and look for another vehicle means that i'm going to be running behind on orders for awhile. Holding a soldering iron for more than a few minutes for example is a bit tricky for now. 

further update:

over the last week or so I have begun to have some other symptoms, probably some sort of delayed shock. So, i'm having to take things a bit steadier until this eases.

In the meantime i'm slowly working to complete orders already placed & will do what I can to get them out to you soon. I can't say how long this will be right now as some days are better than others but please be assured that I will send your order as soon as I can. I would say that perhaps its best to assume that your order might take between 14-20 days to prepare & send.

I have a spotless reputation for the service I offer and so I hope in this instance you will accept my apologies for any delays.

Also, if these delays put you off ordering i'd appreciate it if you could let me know - so I can gauge the effect of this.



please read carefully

1) please insure you select the correct postage option from the drop down menu on each item

2) if paying by paypal please monitor the email address associated with it in case there is a need to contact you about your order. 

3) when ordering standard series units please remember to let me know which type of jack (3.5mm or 1/4 inch) you would like on them.

4) I can't be held responsible for delays in sending orders where the incorrect payment has been made or emails about the unclear aspects of the order have not been replied to.

5) please supply the correct postal address when placing orders ! every now and then I get an order paid for by paypal where an old address has been left on that account. Please understand that I cannot be held responsible if an order is shipped to a provided address that you no longer have access to.

6) postage charges here in the UK are calculated by weight and size of parcel - so the postage charges per item are correct and reflect the actual cost of postage, insurance, packaging etc.

for further information on each product please use the links above and also please read the 'tips and guidance' page for information on how to look after your mics so they give years of service.

Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions page here

(additional tips and guidance notes can be found here)

general info on shipping and the ethos at JrF

I know sometimes we all want products to arrive almost the same day as we order them but JrF mics are hand made and demand is usually high due to their strong reputation. Current average time to dispatch from ordering is around 14 days.

I always send an email following your order being placed, letting you know i've received it and to clarify any details if needed - so please check junk mail filters or the email account you use for any paypal payment. 

JrF is not a big faceless business in some factory on an industrial estate and I have no wish for it to become so. I work hard to get orders dispatched quickly but life is about more than making money and so there might be times, if i'm away giving workshops or working on various projects, when the fact that JrF isn't ikea-ish will mean waiting a bit longer for your mics. If this is a problem then perhaps send me an email before ordering and I can advise on possible dispatch times.

unless i'm 'off grid' internet wise you will get an email letting you know but I would ask for your understanding with any delays. 

JrF products are made by someone who actually uses these things and has a very active involvement with creative field recording / sound / music and I strongly believe thats one of the reasons they are as good as they are, so I do need to keep my hand in so to speak !


c-series contact microphones

price / postage options

higher specification neutrix jack upgrade inc. postage (per mic)


standard contact microphones

with either 1/4 inch or 3.5mm mini-jack (please specify)

standard contact mic + p&p options

IMPORTANT: please remember to add a note to your payment letting me know whether you want 3.5mm or 1/4 inch jack on your microphone.

extra cable on c and d series units is currently £2 per metre. 
extra cable on standard units is currently £1.50 per metre.

please email me (using the contact form at the bottom of this website) for quotes and estimated dispatch of custom length cabled units (nb. postage charges might increase if more than 5 extra metres is added to your order)


d-series hydrophones 

price / postage options

higher specification Neutrix jack upgrade inc. postage (per mic)

standard hydrophones

standard hydrophone with 5m cable 
and either 1/4 inch or 3.5mm mini-jack (please specify)

standard hydrophone + postage options

IMPORTANT: please remember to add a note to your payment letting me know whether you want a 3.55mm or 1/4 inch jack on your hydrophone.
extra cable on c and d series units is currently £2 per metre. 
extra cable on standard units is currently £1.50 per metre.

please email me for quotes and estimated dispatch of custom length cabled units (nb. postage charges might increase if more than 5 extra metres is added to your order)


coil pick-ups


with 3.5mm jack  

please click on the link at the top of this webpage for more info. I only adapt these coils, to remove the frequency limiting circuits mostly applied to ones bound for Europe. Depending on your location you might be able to find un-limited ones elsewhere.

coil pick-up + postage options

1/4 inch to xlr adaptors

1/4 inch (female) to XLR (male)
impedance transforming adaptor

ideal for connecting JrF c-series and standard contact mics and hydrophones to XLR input recorders such as those made by Sound Devices, Fostex, Nagra, Tascam, Edirol, etc etc.

I've used lots of different adaptors over the years and these are the ones that work best. Well built and they work better than transforming adaptors costing a great deal more.

postage options

dual 1/4 inch to stereo 3.5mm adaptor

dual 1/4 inch (female) to Stereo 3.5mm mini jack (male)

ideal for connecting 2 JrF contact mics and hydrophones to recorders with 3.5mm input socket such as those made by Zoom, Olympus, Sony etc.

allows everyone to explore the possibilities of true stereo sound capture, working with two mics into a single mini jack input.

postage options


dual 3.5mm to stereo 3.5mm adaptor

dual 3.5mm (female) to stereo 3.5mm jack (male)

ideal for connecting 2 mini-jack based microphones to a single mic in socket on hand held recorders.

price / postage options


cd's / books etc

'in the field' 

240 page book featuring interviews with leading creative field recordists....

book + postage options


field recording releases (cd's and digital downloads) - please click here to see the full range


field recording badges
set of 3 designs

price / postage options


stereo omni microphone kit

quite simply some of the best sounding mics in the world.

please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page to request a quote and arrange ordering. bank transfers only on these and currently my price is around £620 + £9.95 fully insured postage and packing (UK)